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Do you have what it takes to survive in a ravaged post-apocalyptic world?

A.C.: AFTER COLLAPSE (sometimes referred to as A.C.)  is a postapocalyptic tabletop role-playing game set at least 50 years after worldwide civilization has come to a slow, bitter end.  A.C.  presents a detailed post-Collapse environment filled with opportunities for adventure and discovery.  Characters, known as “Survivors,”  cautiously comb through the dangerous ruins of once-great metropolises.  Salvagers compete with profit-hungry scavengers to find valuable loot.  Intelligent machines may match wits with Survivors or help them to reach their goals.

B.C.: BEFORE COLLAPSE (sometimes referred to as B.C.)  is an expansion for A.C., set decades before the Collapse began.  B.C. depicts a detailed pre-Collapse history teeming with opportunities for adventure in a promising near-future setting.  Characters can fight the spread of rogue  AI -- if they dare!

D.C.: DURING COLLAPSE (sometimes referred to as D.C.)  is an additional expansion to A.C.,  set during the decades of chaos that are now called the Collapse.  D.C. provides  you with a detailed Collapse-era setting full of opportunities for adventure in a gritty, declining world.  Characters may choose to fight the continuing spread of rogue AI or do their part to halt the long, slow failure of civilization.

A.C., B.C., and D. C. each use a d20-based architecture. Features include:

  • a classless character generation system;
  • a  Character Point (CP) system that rewards players when they complete  scenario and campaign goals, allowing them to improve attributes and  acquire new skills;
  • detailed rules for applying the effects of combat, radiation, and poison;
  • a turn-based combat and action system; and
  • guidelines for referees to develop their own scenarios and campaigns.
  • craft-oriented Basic Skills that allow Survivors and NPCs to make armor and accessories to their own specifications;
  • a system of Armor Point Modifiers that increase the defensive properties of armor by type;
  • a system of Material Attributes (MATs) that simulate the physical properties of various types of personal protection equipment; 
  • Materiel Resistance (MAR) factors that define how much corrosion or radiation armor and accessories can resist under less than ideal conditions;
  • differentiation between High Velocity (HV) Low Velocity (LV), and Energy (EN) attacks to simulate the effectiveness of armor and weapons; and
  • the  use of Hard Points (HDPs) and Vigor Points (VGPs) to simulate the  toughness of Survivors and NPCs and their ability to resist lethal and  nonlethal damage.

Recommended for ages 14+.

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